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What Is Excel Viewer?

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With Excel Viewer, you can open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don't have Excel installed.  I suppose it's something like how Adobe's Acrobat Reader works. Really smart too. More people will be willing to pass around Excel files.

You can also copy data from Excel Viewer to another program. However, you cannot edit data, save a workbook, or create a new workbook. Microsoft is aware of the open source community and I can see that they want people to use their...



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Free Sounds For Excel

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Microsoft has some playful add-ins for you over on there site. One of these is the ability to make your computer sound different. Or, at least, your Excel install and the other Office products on your box.

You can install these sounds to have fun audio cues play as you work with Microsoft Excel. They also work in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.

For example, you will hear sounds when you:

    * Work with toolbars, scroll...


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Download What?

Download Microsoft Excel of course! And all the stuff you need like worksheets and templates. How about discussion on formulas and cell tagging? Tutorials and lists of "how-to" for everything Excel. Oh yeah, there are Excel downloads too.