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Freeze Panes - Make Top Row In Excel Stay On Top


Ever have a spreadsheet open in Excel that has a large number of rows and you scroll down to enter data in a cell, but lose track of which cell your information goes into?

There's a better way than scrolling to the top and memorizing the column heading and scrolling back to the cell at the bottom of your worksheet. That's a pain and a waste of your time.

You need to freeze panes. Make that top title row stay on top while you scroll down. If your title row (or header row) would...



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Make A Multiplication Table Using Microsoft Excel

selection arrow over keyboard keys

Create your multiplication table using Microsoft Excel by creating a workbook and typing the number 1 in cell B1. Grab the bottom right corner and press CTRL the same time and drag horizontally. You'll see Excel counting up until you reach the number that you want your table to go up to.

While your numbers are selected right-click inside of the selection and press copy. Move to cell A2, left click inside of the cell then right-click and then select paste-special. In the dialog box...



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Use The Dollar Sign To Assign Absolute Reference


Don't want Excel to adjust references when you copy a formula to a different cell? Use an absolute reference. Absolute reference in Excel is handy when you want to re-use a formula across a spreadsheet and need it's calculation to stay fixed in a constant fashion.

Perhaps you need to build a multiplication table that will multiply row 1 times it's counterpart in column A. If you copy your formula to the other cells in your table, the formula will move "relative" to the cell. We get...



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How Do I Save Worksheet As Excel New Workbook

spreadsheet document

To save worksheet as Excel new workbook, it'll help to define a couple of points first. Quickly and simply, worksheets in Excel are the areas where you place data or your information. You can enter data in several worksheets at the same time. You can work with and edit, analyze and manipulate figures and make your observations across several worksheets simultaneously inside a workbook.

The workbook is the file where you store your worksheets. One or more worksheets are inside your...



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How To Make A Gantt Chart Using Microsoft Excel

computer screen changing appearance with single indicator bar

Henry Gantt is responsible for the "gantt chart" so popular today. He created many different charts designed basically so anyone interested in project management could see where a project had been, where it should be when completed, and it's current status.

Gantt charts are very flexible and you can track tasks whether performed by machine or men or a combination of both.

This video explains the process of making a gantt chart in an Excel worksheet. A couple of helpful hints on...



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How To Use A Formula In An Excel Worksheet


Some simple Excel formulas based on a hypothetical business situation. Also, some basic formula syntax.

The speaker has a cough but makes formulas simple and easy in his demonstration.

He covers how to set up your worksheet, then shows us some handy shortcuts and areas to watch out for.



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How To Unprotect An Excel Workbook

folder locked

When you develop a workbook in Excel you have the option of protecting the contents from being changed inadvertantly or accidently. This can happen in many ways. You yourself can be working in the workbook. Dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting and ooops! All the calculations are gone.

Or, if you've developed the workbook for others to use and don't want them to change the inner workings of your workbook, protecting it is a great option to have.

However, when you need to...


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