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AMD CPU Overclocking Calculator Excel Spreadsheet Guide


The AMD (American Micro Devices) CPUs (Central Processing Units) have been the underdog in the CPU price and performance wars in the last few years. Overclocking the CPU is a way to try to bridge the gap.

Intel seems to always be ahead, but their price point is steep and price prohibitive for the average user. Currently, Intel's top offering is a cool $999 for just the six core processor. AMD's top offering is priced at $229 for their six core CPU. (At the time of this writing.)




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Business Model Calculator For Excel

agt business

This handy dandy spreadsheet allows you, as a business owner, to enter into it's fields values from your company. Using present day methodology it's output can help you make decisions concerning your business.

Everyone knows that metrics are necessary for visualizing results. Whether the metrics are complicated or simply elegant, Excel can help anyone achieve their goals. Measurably and visually.

This Excel template helps you, the business owner, see where you're heading and...



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The Best Free Excel Download


We all know how powerful Microsoft Excel is. Simple visual layout backed by mathematical flexibility. Rows and columns easily manipulated visually... if you know the secrets.

Some say (read "Microsoft") that the Excel program is, if not the most, one of the most used and common spreadsheet form program used in business today. I guess you could say that it's used by a lot of people.

Some use it for simple financials, others use it to map complicated trend graphs that predict,...


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Download What?

Download Microsoft Excel of course! And all the stuff you need like worksheets and templates. How about discussion on formulas and cell tagging? Tutorials and lists of "how-to" for everything Excel. Oh yeah, there are Excel downloads too.