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How To Use An Excel Workbook Basics

The history of how the term "workbook" came to be used by Microsoft for the Excel program is interesting, even nostalgic for us old-timers, but what is a workbook and how to use an Excel workbook is what you're here to find out.

A workbook is the concept that Microsoft chose to illustrate the working theory when using Excel and is merely what Microsoft calls it's Excel files or documents. Excel files are computer files that end in the .xls (pre Excel 2007) and .xlsx (Excel 2007 and later).

The workbook concept is similar to that of the old ledger. The ledger being the workbook. You can have as many sheets (or worksheets) in the workbook that you desire, but the virtual worksheets are much more mobile and flexible than their physical counterparts.

It's Like A Book!

You can move, copy, rearrange the worksheets within the same workbook or "ledger" or add, copy, trade or manipulate sheets into another workbook. Microsoft refers to this as "3-ring-binder" concept. Moving sheets at will between workbooks and/or copying within the same workbook or moving that information to a new workbook.

Workbook Basics

To open a workbook, click on File then Open on the upper menubar or just click the open button. This will open your directory interface. Navigate to the file that you want to open, click on it and then click the "open" button.

If you want a new workbook, click on File then New from the menubar or just click the "New" button.

The workbook will open in the Excel window. You'll notice at the bottom of the window that there are a series of tabs. These are your sheets or worksheets.

Each worksheet is a intersecting grid of rows and columns forming cells that makes up each worksheet and multiple worksheets make up your Excel workbook.



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  • 1 TJ- / +
    December 18, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks a lot Henry. It’s always good to get positive feedback.

  • 2 henry Kalu- / +
    October 25, 2010 at 5:53 am

    this is really good of you. it sure a good way of assisting others that are mindful of using excel.

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