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How Can I Export XML From Open Office Calc?

I know. This is a website about Microsoft Excel and where to find free downloads for that spreadsheet program, BUT since we're talking about free, why not consider the OpenOffice.org program?

It's free. That's kind of what this site's about. It can open your Excel spreadsheets and you can manipulate your data in some pretty powerful ways. It's great for simple stuff you need to get done.

For those of you who have Excel 2007 you don't need to read any further because this is about the problems having to do with XML and the older Excel versions. I use Office 2000 Small Business Edition and the Excel that shipped with that suite.

My problems began the other day when I needed to export in an XML format because the program (table) I was importing into only accepted XML. "Ouch! how am I going to do that", I whisper. (In a somewhat short-tempered manner)

Long story made short so you can get back to your problem (which is probably why you're reading this) I found a site with a slick XML exporter that plugs into Open Office Calc!

Here's the link to the plug-in (XML Plug-in for OpenOffice Calc) 

Here's the link to the OpenOffice Suite (OpenOffice Suite including Calc)

Once you've installed OpenOffice (if you haven't already) just open Calc and

1.  Install the JAR file from within OpenOffice by going to the Tools menu and choosing XML Filter Settings...
This will bring up the XML Filter Settings dialog box
2. Click the 'Open Package' button
3.Select the JAR file from the location on your system to which you saved the file.
4. Close the XML Filter Settings dialog.

You're good to go!


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