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Make A Multiplication Table Using Microsoft Excel

Excel Video

Make a multiplication table using your Excel program is easy and fun! Comprehensive video instruction and the files for the table are available for free download.

You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

Create your multiplication table using Microsoft Excel by creating a workbook and typing the number 1 in cell B1. Grab the bottom right corner and press CTRL the same time and drag horizontally. You'll see Excel counting up until you reach the number that you want your table to go up to.

While your numbers are selected right-click inside of the selection and press copy. Move to cell A2, left click inside of the cell then right-click and then select paste-special. In the dialog box that pops up, select transpose and then press enter. You should see numbers now in the A column that mirror row one.

We now need to put our formula in cell B2. And by pressing the equal sign and then left clicking inside of cell B1. A dollar sign $ before the "1" in order to make row one absolute. (Learn what the dollar sign means in Excel here...)

Press the asterisk key (*) to multiply and left click inside of cell A2. Place a dollar sign ($) before the A and click the checkmark sign next to the dialog box to save your formula.

Now, select cell B2 and copy. Go ahead and select the cells in the table that you want the formula to work in. Paste the copied formula into the selected cells and deselect. Make sure everything is multiplied as expected through the table.

Select the cells that make up the multiplication table in your worksheet and then click on your upper menu bar and click "format" then "cells". In the dialog box that pops up choose center in both the horizontal and vertical options.

Now, click "format" then "row" then "height" and enter a number that you feel comfortable with. You can change the width in the same way, only now click "format" then "column" then "width" and enter a number you're comfortable with.

If the numbers are too small for your table increase the font size and you can change the styling at this point by changing the font style. I thought bold was a nice touch too.

The multiplication tables should be really looking good by now, but we can make it look better. First, select the top row and then, while pressing the control key, select column A. With your top row and first column selected choose the background color that you're happy with.

You can download the multiplication table workbook with multiple worksheets here for free.


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