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How To Unprotect An Excel Workbook

When you develop a workbook in Excel you have the option of protecting the contents from being changed inadvertantly or accidently. This can happen in many ways. You yourself can be working in the workbook. Dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting and ooops! All the calculations are gone.

Or, if you've developed the workbook for others to use and don't want them to change the inner workings of your workbook, protecting it is a great option to have.

However, when you need to remove that workbook protection in Excel, you can unprotect an Excel workbook like this.

First, open the workbook you want to remove protection from and go to the "Tools" menu. Run your mouse down to "Protection" and select what you need to do. That is "Unprotect Workbook".

If there is password protection you'll need to enter that password in order to unprotect your workbook.

Just click OK. You're done!



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