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Freeze Panes - Make Top Row In Excel Stay On Top

Ever have a spreadsheet open in Excel that has a large number of rows and you scroll down to enter data in a cell, but lose track of which cell your information goes into?

There's a better way than scrolling to the top and memorizing the column heading and scrolling back to the cell at the bottom of your worksheet. That's a pain and a waste of your time.

You need to freeze panes. Make that top title row stay on top while you scroll down. If your title row (or header row) would be visible as you scroll through your worksheet, you won't need to memorize the column headings and be scrolling back and forth or up and down.

Do You Need To Freeze Panes?

Is your worksheet long enough to merit this solution? If you can see all your data, then maybe you can pass on this. But, if your scrolling through data, then yes, this is a great solution.

How To Freeze Panes

First, position your curser below the row you want to freeze and click on it. For example, if you want to freeze row "A", then click on the "B" so the whole row is highlighted.

Second, click on "Windows" on the menubar and select "Freeze Panes".

Your done. You should be able to scroll up and down and the title row should stay in place at the top of your worksheet.

How To Unfreeze Panes

Go to the menubar and click on "Windows". Select "Unfreeze Panes" where you had chosen "Freeze Panes" before. (Excel toggles automatically).

Remember your shortcut keys. To freeze panes (ALT + W, F) and if you want to unfreeze panes just press the same key sequence. That is press ALT key and at the same time press the W key then press the F key.




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