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Freeze Panes - Make Top Row In Excel Stay On Top


Ever have a spreadsheet open in Excel that has a large number of rows and you scroll down to enter data in a cell, but lose track of which cell your information goes into?

There's a better way than scrolling to the top and memorizing the column heading and scrolling back to the cell at the bottom of your worksheet. That's a pain and a waste of your time.

You need to freeze panes. Make that top title row stay on top while you scroll down. If your title row (or header row) would...



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Use The Dollar Sign To Assign Absolute Reference


Don't want Excel to adjust references when you copy a formula to a different cell? Use an absolute reference. Absolute reference in Excel is handy when you want to re-use a formula across a spreadsheet and need it's calculation to stay fixed in a constant fashion.

Perhaps you need to build a multiplication table that will multiply row 1 times it's counterpart in column A. If you copy your formula to the other cells in your table, the formula will move "relative" to the cell. We get...



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How To Unprotect An Excel Workbook

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When you develop a workbook in Excel you have the option of protecting the contents from being changed inadvertantly or accidently. This can happen in many ways. You yourself can be working in the workbook. Dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting and ooops! All the calculations are gone.

Or, if you've developed the workbook for others to use and don't want them to change the inner workings of your workbook, protecting it is a great option to have.

However, when you need to...



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Use Excel Fill Series Feature To Add Numbers

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Ever get in a situation where you need to add a sequential column or row in Excel? I know I have. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer at times and that leads me to not plan out my data the way I should.

Thank the engineers at Microsoft for the quick fix (and a little trick with Excel)!

Let me show you how to add a column and add the numbers in sequence.

First, let's add a column. Click on the column letter you want to insert your column before, then right click and...


Download What?

Download Microsoft Excel of course! And all the stuff you need like worksheets and templates. How about discussion on formulas and cell tagging? Tutorials and lists of "how-to" for everything Excel. Oh yeah, there are Excel downloads too.