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Free Excel Calendar Template

Well, it's that time again. New calendar time. The wheel in the sky keeps swirling and 2010 is almost upon us. 2009 is in it's last days and you need a simple yet customizable calendar to customize, change dates, add notes and print out. Something you can print, put on your divider and doodle all over, pass out at meetings and it would be nice if you could have it... NOW!

How about a free excel calendar. It's a excel spreadsheet calendar with a changeable year feature. It figures out the position of the days just by changing the year on the first worksheet.

Change the year from, let's say, 2009 ...


and change to 2010 ...


Before I get too far, I should mention that there are no macros involved here. Only formulas. (They are all pre-programmed in the spreadsheet. All you need to do is change the year. Easy.)

Here's an example formula.


Ok, back to adjusting the years and days. This calendar download  for excel adapts itself to whatever year you enter on the first worksheet (which is named "Year") and the days of the calendar line themselves up automatically!

I even went up to 2012 (the next leap year) and it adjusted perfectly.

You can see how it lined everything up...


Now, a lot of free excel calendar templates are fairly bare-bones and you can't do too much with them and frankly, sometimes they're a waste of time, but I really like this calendar template.

It has editable areas for notes on the "Year" tab or worksheet...


And, editable areas are also available on each of the Monthly worksheets...


It's hard to see but if you look REAL close on the above picture you'll see how this particular excel calendar template even tracks the months before and after the current month you are working on. Nice!

Of course you can edit inside each day on this spreadsheet...


Here's a shot of the "Year" worksheet...


And here's a shot of one of the "Month" worksheets...


All in all I think this is a useful, and free, calendar template for excel. It prints easily TOO!

Give it a try. The price is right.

I really want to thank the "Spreadsheet Guys" for their Free Excel Calendar Template. This is a nice clean template and those links will take you to their website and the calendar download page respectively.

Hope you enjoy!



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  • 1 TJ- / +
    May 10, 2010 at 9:28 am

    -Lynn and Art

    Sorry about the problems with the links and pictures. Should be fixed now.

  • 2 Lynn- / +
    May 7, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Your pictures are missing and the link (or where there is supposed to be a link) is dead. I really want to try this. Is it over at the spreadsheet guys?

  • 3 Art- / +
    May 7, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    What’s up with the pictures? This is the second article with missing pictures.

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