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Track Chicken And Poultry Production With This Free Worksheet

My wife loves our chickens. They are like little children to her and she has become REALLY attached to them.

I suppose anyone who raises chickens can relate. I mean, I've heard others say the same thing. The problem, however, is keeping track of chicken and poultry production in a objective way, with an objective tool.

Chickens (and everything on the farm) cost money. The goal is to have them produce more than they cost to have around. Like everything else in business, you've got to know the profit margin. But, like I said, my wife is real attached to those birds.

Wow! A Free Poultry Worksheet

Sooo, I'm surfing the internet and, low and behold,  I find a free chicken and poultry production worksheet with all sorts of bells and whistles.

It has worksheets arranged by month.

It summarizes by month and has year to date calculations.

On the individual monthly worksheets, you have a row for each day of the month and color-coded categories for tracking chicken and poultry production.

The first area is the production section, followed by income, expenses, and flock purchases.

Love At First Sight

I love it. My wife LOVES it and that's why we're letting you know about it.

You can download it from their chicken tools page ...

Or, you can download a copy from our website.

An Excel 2007 or greater edition is here...

And, Excel 2003 or earlier is here...

Perhaps, we aren't making a profit on the chickens, but this worksheet is missing one thing... A metric on the rejuvenating, quickening value of chickens around the house. Just ask my wife!

Nothings quite perfect so, (all jokes aside) I've got to say what a great free worksheet to track your chicken and poultry in Excel.



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    May 12, 2011 at 11:19 am

    An egg a day! Many people cant understand how practical owning your own chickens/livestock can be!


    Edited May 12, 2011

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