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Simple Excel Monthly Bills Calculator For Free Download

Like they say about mail, "...Only bills and advertising..." Monthly bills have to paid. On time and in full (Unless, of course, you're into bad credit and debt collectors calling all the time. That's another story and subject.)

I'd like to introduce a simple Excel monthly bills calculator. It's a free download (of course!) and, did I say simple?

I have to confess, my bills have been, shall we say, "tardy", here of late and bill collectors have my number and have been using it! Although, my bills are current (YES!!!) at this time, I'm really not into a "big" financial program like Quicken at this time. I mean, I've got the program on my computer, but I just need a simple list that can be printed and checked off. Simple.

Monthly Calculator Overview

So, I made a simple monthly bills calculator that works in Excel. It has a place for the month and year and a column for the people and business you owe money to for that month. There is the obligatory "Amount Due" too.



Made To Print

It's made to print out so there is a column that is open for just checking off, or if you want, you can enter what you paid in the spreadsheet itself and keep a folder on your computer and save a new spreadsheet each month.

Do both if you want. Keep a computer record of your monthly bills and print out a hard copy for your files.


Enter Your Income

I enter the months income and the calculator figures out my tithe and inserts the obligation amount in the tithe row. You can set it for whatever percentage you want.


sub total overview


Wrap It Up

The monthly bills spread sheet includes calculations for totalling your obligations. There you have a pretty good idea of what you need to pay out every month.

If you need more rows to keep track of what you budget over a month, just insert a row and enter what you will need to spend. The calculations will stay up to date.


Here is the link for the Simple Excel Monthly Bills Calculator For Free Download uncompressed version.

Here is the link for the Simple Excel Monthly Bills Calculator For Free Download compressed (zip) version.



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  • 1 Tj- / +
    April 18, 2012 at 2:11 am

    Thanks for the kind comment. Hope you like the excel calculator.

  • 2 jenifer c. santosmozilafirefox- / +
    January 26, 2012 at 5:53 am

    hi, how are u dear,

    Thanks for the calculator

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