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Real NPV Calculator With Interest Inflation Rates Built In

This Excel download is a spreadsheet that is a real NPV calculator with interest rate and inflation rates built into it's functionality.

Do you have places you put your assets that you hope will return a profit? Is that investment really going to pay you back? Will your project, business and the like return positive value over time.

I mean, in tomorrow's dollars, will you actually have, or possess the buying, trading value that you now command? Or, will whatever you are considering set you back? Will it cost you to move forward?

If that investment pays ten percent per year, but inflation is stealing some of that gain, will you still have an increase, or is it time to move to your next option?

That's what this Excel NPV (Net Present Value) calculator is for. Over a given period of time, will a venture return a profit considering expense, receipts (returns) and inflation into account? If it does, go for it!

The issue is the calculation.

\mathrm{NPV}(i, N) = \sum_{t=1}^{N} \frac{R_t}{(1+i)^{t}}

Ouch! (And thank you Wikipedia for the equation). That's why we have Excel.

The NPV Calculator comes with three worksheets. The "Real Rate Of Interest Calculator", the "Inflation Calculator" and the, of course, NPV calculator.

Here is a screenshot of "Real Rate Of Interest Calculator"...





Here is a screenshot of "Inflation Calculator"...





Here is a screenshot of "Real Rate Of Interest Calculator"...




Here's the download link for the NPV Calculator.


Thank you to EXINFM  for the template.


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