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AMD CPU Overclocking Calculator Excel Spreadsheet Guide

The AMD (American Micro Devices) CPUs (Central Processing Units) have been the underdog in the CPU price and performance wars in the last few years. Overclocking the CPU is a way to try to bridge the gap.

Intel seems to always be ahead, but their price point is steep and price prohibitive for the average user. Currently, Intel's top offering is a cool $999 for just the six core processor. AMD's top offering is priced at $229 for their six core CPU. (At the time of this writing.)

Intel's chips seem to overclock (increasing the processing speed of the CPU) fairly easily, and they don't open up the multiplier (increase CPU speed without increasing memory speed, and other aspects of the core which can lead to instability.) except on the "Extreme" series.

Overclocking AMD Gets Harder

AMD has the "Black Edition" series of CPUs and they overclocked fairly easily until the "Phenom" series was released. Really, even the plain label processors were pretty easy to overclock. Anyway, overclocking was not as "exponential" as it was with the single core CPUs AMD has released in the past. A person really had to "tweak" the settings to get 25% increases in performance.

As a matter of fact, my computer is powered by the "Black Edition" Phenom. I bought the parts and built my computer around this chip. When I bought it (late summer of 2008) the Phenom 9850 was the flagship for AMD.

Losing My Overclocking Notes

When I tried to overclock it, it wouldn't go past 2.9 GHz with any long term stability. But, here recently, I bought a better cooler for the CPU and thought I'd try to see what she'd do. That's when I found this AMD CPU Overclocking Calculator. I mean, when you try to overclock a CPU, it's easy to "misplace" that "magic" combination of settings that work.

That's where a overclock calculator like this is handy. Like it says in the guide, "With this calculator, you can plan your overclock settings and store them, so you don't forget those timings and small tweaks the next time your BIOS resets (or being updated). This calculator is built to support almost any AMD system, like K8 and K10. Most of the values are Drop-Down lists, with a full scale of values to select from."

It opens in Excel and you have three tabs (you can add more) plus the information tab.




You just input your FSB (front side bus) settings, multiplier settings, or any combination of the available variables.




I used it to figure out a few scenarios to achieve my goal of 3.2 GHz with stability. It's not perfect, but you can customize and it's a free excel download!

The good news is I achieved 3.2 stable AND pushed the NB (North Bridge) to 2200 MHz. Programs are snappy and rendering is perceivably quicker. I'm happy!

Here's the AMD CPU Overclocking Calculator Spreadsheet Guide download link.

Here's the AMD CPU Overclocking Calculator Spreadsheet Guide download link in zip (compressed) format.



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    April 29, 2011 at 12:07 pm


    Thank you for bringing that to my attention. This website was on an old server and was moved. The files were lost.

    I re-uploaded them and everything seems to be working.

    Thank you again.

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    April 19, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Please update the link (I received a 404 when I clicked the first link). Thank you.

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