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We Are Installing Our New Website

clock telling time

Hi and thanks for stopping by. We've had some success with this website but it's design was, how shall I say it, leaving a lot to be desired if you know what I mean.

We've been installing the new design for the last couple of days and trying to overcome all the technical hurdles that come with a job like this. There have been quite a few problems and I apologize for the trouble it might cause you.

We should have all of this ironed out in the next few days.

Again, thanks...



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New Website Design Soon!


A website should provide information and be helpful. Free Excel Download [dot] com attempts to be both. But really, good looks and a slick user interface can contribute significantly to the user experience.

With the new year and new decade a new website design wouldn’t be too out of line. That’s why we’re working on the new design now.

New articles will be fewer as I finish up the design process, but feel free to comment on what you’d like to see here....