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Microsoft Excel Workbook Definition And History

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A Microsoft Excel workbook is the name given to, what was originally named, a spreadsheet. A workbook is the file you open in Excel. Back in the days of MS-DOS and before Excel you just opened a file (of whatever flavor spreadsheet program) and called it a "spreadsheet".

A workbook is essentially what had been traditionally termed a "spreadsheet" by programs like the ones run on IBM mainframe computers and, more recently (and, by "recently", I mean late 80's), VisiCalc on the Apple II...



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Track Chicken And Poultry Production With This Free Worksheet

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My wife loves our chickens. They are like little children to her and she has become REALLY attached to them.

I suppose anyone who raises chickens can relate. I mean, I've heard others say the same thing. The problem, however, is keeping track of chicken and poultry production in a objective way, with an objective tool.

Chickens (and everything on the farm) cost money. The goal is to have them produce more than they cost to have around. Like everything else in business, you've...



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Freeze Panes - Make Top Row In Excel Stay On Top


Ever have a spreadsheet open in Excel that has a large number of rows and you scroll down to enter data in a cell, but lose track of which cell your information goes into?

There's a better way than scrolling to the top and memorizing the column heading and scrolling back to the cell at the bottom of your worksheet. That's a pain and a waste of your time.

You need to freeze panes. Make that top title row stay on top while you scroll down. If your title row (or header row) would...



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Use The Dollar Sign To Assign Absolute Reference


Don't want Excel to adjust references when you copy a formula to a different cell? Use an absolute reference. Absolute reference in Excel is handy when you want to re-use a formula across a spreadsheet and need it's calculation to stay fixed in a constant fashion.

Perhaps you need to build a multiplication table that will multiply row 1 times it's counterpart in column A. If you copy your formula to the other cells in your table, the formula will move "relative" to the cell. We get...



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How Do I Save Worksheet As Excel New Workbook

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To save worksheet as Excel new workbook, it'll help to define a couple of points first. Quickly and simply, worksheets in Excel are the areas where you place data or your information. You can enter data in several worksheets at the same time. You can work with and edit, analyze and manipulate figures and make your observations across several worksheets simultaneously inside a workbook.

The workbook is the file where you store your worksheets. One or more worksheets are inside your...


Download What?

Download Microsoft Excel of course! And all the stuff you need like worksheets and templates. How about discussion on formulas and cell tagging? Tutorials and lists of "how-to" for everything Excel. Oh yeah, there are Excel downloads too.